Sunday, September 22, 2013


A bonus challenge - to share my love for Third Eye Blind and baseball games...I got a crew of friends together to enjoy the Mets Summer Concert series. After we watched the Mets (sadly) lose to the Detroit Tigers (made even worse since half of our friends were Tigers fans), we got to settle down for a bonus Third Eye Blind concert. Sadly acoustics were the best....but still love them! And another reason to love NYC in the summertime.

#52: The New York Diner en Blanc

So this is finally may have taken us sliiightly longer than the original 52 weeks we had allotted for our challenges but we've made it! And what more fitting way than to have our last challenge be with the original crew that imagined the concept behind this blog: none other than Sunny (we'll never forget our #6 challenge with her at Bergdorfs!) True to our dynamic, I get a call from Salty Tuesday morning and she's excitedly telling me about how she finally got off the waitlist for Diner en Blanc - which she's going to in SF with her sister next weekend! And how her sister, Sunny, and I must come, it's the event of the season!

Of course, I'm up for it -- minus my white jeans have highlighter stains from my laundromat...great...but no matter! Salty spent the entire day getting all our white decor, costumes, white linens, food, dessert, drinks. We lucked out in that another group would be bringing our white tables/chairs so all we needed to do is show up at Union Square so that our group leader could guide us to the "secret location" for this pop-up picnic.

I was running late and nervous I would miss Salty & Sunny...but of course, how could I? There is a mass of people dressed from head to toe in white (constantly having to fend off questions of "where's the wedding?" "congrats who's the happy couple?) so it's hard to miss them. Of course "all we need to do is show up at Union Square" quickly because -- we have to lug all our food/furniture down and up subway station stairs and trek through Times Square to get to the final location. We're all guessing where our guide will take us (I get booed when I suggest Brooklyn/DUMBO?) since last year's was at Lincoln Center and apparently this year's will be "bigger and better."

Waiting for our #52 challenge to begin! (in Union Square) -- don't worry, I didn't keep the ears on ;)
Lo and behold we end up at Bryant Park -- beautifully lit and already full of life in a brilliant tableau of white when we get there. Quite fitting since Sunny, Salty and I have quite a few memories in Bryant Park including challenge #31 (the summer film festival in the park).

So as we raised a glass, lit a sparkler, made friends with our eclectic dinner neighbors (who were so sweet and took pity on our humble - yet delicious -- cheese and bread array, giving us all their food as well), and danced the night away, we all shared a moment of loving living life, NYC-style for the past 52 (give or take a few) weeks.

It's been an amazing journey - Salty and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for riding it out with us!

Photo courtesy of Salty's instagram!

#51: The New York Fashion Week

My sister had a lucky week visiting me in NYC -- Broadway Week (2 for 1 tickets!), US Open week, and Fashion about hitting the jackpot of fun New York activities. While last year I got to go to a couple fashion presentations, I hadn't yet done the whole Lincoln Center scene. And what a scene -- I literally felt like a celebrity walking into the main event with photographers snapping away photos. Good thing I was wearing a Project Gravitas dress in case any of those photos actually make it to the public's eye ;) I made sure to snag as much free Tresemme product as well after the Badgley Mischka show and don't mind if I take a smart water or two...and a few illy cappucinos while I'm at it...

#50: The New York Tennis Match

The US Open...something that has been on Salty and my bucket lists for a while and this year we finally got our chance to go! I went with my sister, cousin, and Sneaky (one of our previous guest stars!) to catch the women's semifinal -- aka Serena crushing all competition. And also got to see juniors & wheelchair matches, which were fascinating to say the least!

Salty went to watch the men's final match (yay for Nadal!) and we were both impressed with how the Billie Jean King tennis compound was set up. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the US Open experience -- everything from the awesome American Express "concierge lounge," delicious mojitos in 75 degree, sunny and breezy weather, people watching couples in their finest "prep" attire, to seeing Nadal and Serena in all their glory...

#49: The New York Hamptons

While I couldn't convince Salty to go in on a Montauk share with me this summer, she did pay me a visit and we got to explore some of the best that the Hamptons & Montauk has to offer!

House parties in East Hampton, enjoying a beer (or two) at Montauket, watching the sunset at Duryeas, catching a twin rainbow at Swallow East, of course doing a standard night at The Point, making a pit stop in Wainscott to taste THE most delicious sweet treat ever (chocolate chip cookie @ Levain Bakery), enjoying a party on the docks at Moby Dick's, and enjoying fireside chats on a hammock in the backyard of Sole has certainly been a summer to remember.

With the official start of Fall underway, Salty and I have been getting nostalgic already! And now Salty is already on board for a sharehouse next summer ;)

#48: The New York Plaza

Salty and I have been traipsing around Central Park more frequently these days...and decided to check out the famed "Plaza Hotel basement" for a quick bite. We were thoroughly impressed with the options here and of course as self-proclaimed foodies (albeit both pescatarians), we did a fine tour of all that this delectable basement had to offer!

Friday, July 19, 2013

#47: The New York Rain Room

Continuing the "cultural" challenges, Salty and I decided to explore the MoMA's special exhibit: The Rain Room . Now, for those who haven't been yet -- this is definitely a must-see. However, pick your day and time wisely and if you are a NYC resident, I'd suggest you might as well just splurge for the $85 (or for students $50) to become a member. That way you can skip the line -- but still get there early! My friends and I thought we'd be smart and go on a Wednesday but foolishly forgot that even though it's a weekday, it's still the summer...i.e., tourist central.

Luckily with a member ID, guests are only $5 additional and we got to skip the line. Wish we had gotten there closer to 8 or 9a (member hours were just extended from 8a-1030a) -- we started in line around 10a or so and waited a good 3.5 hours before we got to go into the exhibit.

Now questions I'm sure you're asking:
  1. Is it really worth it? I respect everyone's opinion but both myself and Salty would give a resounding: yes. 
  2. Do you really not get wet at all? I forgot the memo that you should avoid dark, shiny, or reflective clothing so was wearing a dark green romper (whoops) BUT still didn't get wet as long as you walk slowwwlyyyy. Sudden movements = getting wet. Which actually wasn't too bad of a thing since the day we went was probably real feel NYC weather of 100 degrees. 
  3. How do I get the best photos? Salty and her sister had a professional photographer offer to take their photos (how kind ;)) -- I quickly figured out the best angle to get a cool silhouette is if the photographer kneels down low and takes the shot upward toward the light, with you in front of the light. You can decide for yourself though! Don't forget to hashtag #RainRoom -- your photos will appear in a livestream at the MoMA!
  4. The line is really that long? Yes. And don't be fooled once you get into the exhibit doors...there is still yet another line to wait in. However, at least then you get to enjoy the rain / coolness of indoors.
  5. Should I just do the "viewing room" line since it's shorter? Your call...but our stance? If you're going to do the Rain Room...DO the Rain Room, just do see it passively.